Transmission Fluid Replacement Allen, TX

auto maintenance, transmission fluid, transmission service, oil change allen tx, mechanic allen tx, auto repair allen tx, auto shop allen tx, car inspection allen txOver 90% of all automatic transmission failures are due to overheating and fluid contamination. Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) services are often neglected and even when performed, are often incomplete. This can lead to automatic transmission shifting problems and premature repairs or replacement. Take care of your automatic transmission with a Transmission Flush Service. This service utilizes patented equipment to solve the problems often associated with conventional drain and refill services.

The Transmission Flush Service Includes:

  • Removing about 95% of the used contaminated fluid
  • The transmission flush chemically removes harmful sludge and varnish deposits
  • Install new automatic transmission fluid to the proper level

Service Interval:

Kwik Kar of Allen recommends a Transmission Fluid change and/or Transmission Flush service every 24,000 miles or 24 months. Always refer to your vehicle owner’s manual for specifics.

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