Automotive Headlight & Bulb Replacement Allen, TX

auto maintenance, headlights, light bulbs, oil change allen tx, mechanic allen tx, auto repair allen tx, auto shop allen tx, car inspection allen txHeadlights and light bulbs in today’s vehicles can be difficult to access and replace. Making it more difficult, special tools are sometimes required to remove the housings. Kwik Kar of Allen carries a full line of replacement bulbs to fit almost every make and model. We have the tools and expertise needed to complete the job quickly.

Kwik Kar of Allen Headlight and Bulb Service Includes:

  • Removing old headlight or bulb
  • Installing a brand new headlight or bulb
  • Adjusting headlight to correct position
  • Installing housing to its original position

Kwik Kar of Allen will visually inspect all headlights and bulbs during our 23 Point Full Service Oil Change and Lube Service.

Service Interval:

Kwik Kar of Allen recommends Headlight and Bulb service when they are no longer working.

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