Engine Diagnostic Service Allen, TX

auto, vehicle, engine diagnostic service, warning lights, oil change allen tx, mechanic allen tx, auto repair allen tx, auto shop allen tx, car inspection allen txToday’s vehicles are equipped with highly sophisticated electronic engine control systems which receive information from a network of switches and sensors. This information is displayed by various warning lights on your dashboard. The warning lights may include but are not limited to “Check Engine” or an illuminated “Oil Can.”

Kwik Kar of Allen Engine Diagnostic Service Includes:

  • Basic diagnostic of issue
  • Attaching an engine diagnostic computer to vehicle’s computer system
  • Diagnostic reading of error messages
  • Once the issue is found, we will provide an estimate before any work is started

Kwik Kar of Allen will provide a free engine diagnostic service if there are any warning lights visible during our 23 Point Full Service Oil Change and Lube Service.

Service Interval:

Kwik Kar of Allen recommends service as soon as possible when any warning light is visible on your dashboard.

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