Automotive Differential Service Allen, TX

differential service, gearbox, gear oil, oil change allen tx, mechanic allen tx, auto repair allen tx, auto shop allen tx, car inspection allen txThe gearbox fluid provides lubrication for the sets of bearings, gears, and shafts located in your vehicle’s gearbox. Your vehicle’s gearbox operates under high stress and high heat.

Kwik Kar of Allen Differential Service Includes:

  • Remove and inspect the fill plug
  • Remove and inspect the drain plug
  • Flush and vacuum the old gear oil out of the gearbox
  • Reinstall the drain plug
  • Fill the differential with up to 5 pints of new gear oil
  • Reinstall the fill plug

Kwik Kar of Allen inspects your differential fluid level during our 23 Point Full Service Oil Change and Lube Service.

Service Interval:

Kwik Kar of Allen recommends differential service every 12,000 miles or 12 months if towing heavy loads or submerging rear end in water. Otherwise see owner manual for suggested interval.

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