Brake Fluid Replacement Allen, TX

brake fluid, brake system, brake fluid leak, brake fluid service, oil change allen tx, mechanic allen tx, auto repair allen tx, auto shop allen tx, car inspection allen txBrake fluid can become oxidized and contaminated over time and use. Heat and moisture cause corrosion on parts and brake fluid failure. Brake issues may include discolored brake fluid or a soft or spongy feel when applying your brake pedal.

Kwik Kar of Allen Brake Fluid Service Includes:

  • Inspect the brake system for leaks, master cylinder corrosion and worn pneumatic parts
  • Inspect bleeder valves
  • Inspect brake pads
  • Remove old brake fluid
  • Install new DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid

Kwik Kar of Allen visually inspects brake fluid level during our 23 Point Full Service Oil Change and Lube Service.

Service Interval:

Kwik Kar of Allen recommends a brake fluid service every 24 months or sooner if brake issues are present.

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